In Malacca, Malaysia: Documenting the trip from China to South East Asia


It is our goal to support individual travellers and small groups on their trips. From planning where to go, to booking transfers and accommodation. Also staying in contact during your trip for any queries or questions you may have. Our main goal is to create a personalised and unique experience for you. Where you will enjoy the travelling experience as much as your desired destination.

Our motivation is to enable travellers to;

  • Experience different cultures, landscapes and to enjoy the beauty of our planet.
  • Become more respectful towards the environment, other cultures and people with their many differences.
  • Travel simply and slowly, mainly using trains, buses and ferries. Thereby reducing environmental footprint.
  • Enjoy extensive travel with a limited budget.

We have travelled for many years ourselves and we understand the needs of the traveller and also the needs of women travelling alone, (see our own story). We can direct you towards new and exciting destinations and also inform you on the best way to spend time with the local people and experience their foods and cultures, according to your preferences and plans.